Combining years of chocolate history
to deliver the very best in Toowoomba

Excellence in the art of chocolate making

Cioccolato Chocolateria represents excellence in the art of chocolate making. Our passionate team brings together years of chocolate history and expertise to bring you the very best decadent delights available in the Toowoomba region.

Our goal at Cioccolato is offer a customized experience that invigorate all senses. From the touch of our custom made cutlery to our own dessert recipes, we source the highest quality raw ingredients from the coffee bean to our raw couverture chocolate.

Our expertise with chocolate and international desserts is vast, with many years of knowledge gained from travelling around the world and working in different kitchens. Developing and searching for our new hit products is a challenge we thrive on. We strive to have a constantly refreshing dessert menu with exquisite dessert. The ultimate chocolate experience is only one visit away, so don’t hesitate to drop in today. You’ll be glad you did!

The power of the cocoa bean

Mankind has been intrigued with the cocoa bean since 1900 BC. In fact, our Mayan and Aztec ancestors believed the cocoa bean had magical, even divine, properties suitable for use in the most sacred rituals of birth, marriage and death.

Chocolate's popularity

By the 17th century, our European ancestors sweetened and lightened the taste of the cocoa bean, adding refined sugar and milk to chocolate.

Soon chocolate became a fashionable drink throughout Europe, with many proclaiming it’s nutritious, medicinal, and even aphrodisiacal properties. It is rumoured that Casanova was especially fond of the side effects that came with its seductive taste. Chocolate remained largely a privilege of the rich, until the invention of mass production in the late 1700s. Since then, the process has remained largely unchanged.

Cioccolato: Sharing the deliciousness

Today at Cioccolato, we aim not to change anything about the already perfect cocoa bean. We are here simply to share the delicious pleasure that is chocolate.

We have travelled to all corners of the world to discover how chocolate has evolved to share with you the best of the best. Just like the ancestors who discovered this magical bean, our plan is to spread this amazing gift.

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